On the waves SUPER Kayo Theater at Shima Zenbu de O-kina Matsuri

On the waves SUPER Kayo Theater at Shima Zenbu de O-kina Matsuri

Chieko Mizutani, celebrating 50 years in entertainment, and Taiji Nakamura, a giant in the pop music business, are the hosts of the "On the waves SUPER Kayo Theater" event that will be held during the Shima Zenbu de O-kina Matsuri!
It's a jamboree of delightful members ready to show off their singing voice! Win the preliminaries that will be held on March 27, and you can perform on stage, too!

Event Schedule

"SUPER Kayo Theater" Preliminaries Sunday, March 27

The event can be viewed free of charge!

Sunday, March 27, 2016 Time: 18:30 open / 19:00 start (event scheduled to end at 20:30)
*Participants will be given a separate time schedule to assemble.
Okinawa Convention Center Theater
4-3-1 Mashiki, Ginowan City, Okinawa
Jun Umeda, Bambino, Korokorochikichiki peppers Guests: Gushiken Family
Taiji Nakamura
Main Stage Event Sunday, April 24
Sunday, April 24, 2016 Time: (pending)
Naha City venue (pending)
Taiji Nakamura, Chieko Mizutani, Kenjiro Karuizawa, Takeshi Kura, Kotaro Hachi, Trendy Angel Saito, Kenichiro Mikawa, Enjiu, and a special guest

Introducing the Performers

Chieko Mizutani
Chieko Mizutani

Chieko Mizutani has now been in show business for 50 years. Her career began in her childhood, as an unexpected participant in the "Uta-mane Ki-ippon (Pure Song Impersonator)" show. She became the grand champion. Noticed by Shojin Futaba, who was also the show's judging committee chairman, Mizutani entered the world of show business.
In her youth, she was also known as the "Lark of the Hokuriku" for her awesome singing ability, and became a formidable presence in various singing contests.
Her debut single, "Banpaku Sasanishiki" became an instant hit, and her later works such as "Scotch ga osuki desho" and "Mizu-chie Rumba" won her numerous music awards.
Every year, she has continuously turned down offers to appear on the "NHK Kouhaku Utagassen (NHK year-end grand song festival)". In recent years, she has become a bridge-like presence, bringing Enka and J-POP genres together, and spreading her range of work.
In January this year, the great success of "Chieko Mizutani Keep on Shining Kayo Festival" event held at NHK Hall became the talk of the town. Her compilation album "Chieko Mizutani Best Album BAKAITTERU" is currently on sale!

Taiji Nakamura
Taiji Nakamura

Songwriter and composer, Taiji Nakamura was born on May 21, 1939, in Nara Prefecture.
Nakamura's numerous accolades include the 14th Japan Record Award in 1972 for "Kassai" sung by Naomi Chiaki, and the 25th Japan Record Award in 1982 for "Kitasakaba" sung by Takashi Hosokawa. Twice receiving the distinguished award, Nakamura is renowned as a hit-maker.
In addition to his songwriting and composing, Nakamura's recent activities include the musical productions of "Dotonbori SUPER Kayo Theater", productions of "Osaka Kayo Joshi-dan" and Kayo Joshi's "Jukuzen Kajitsu", showcasing his enthusiastic endeavor to restore the glory of Showa Era pop music.

  • Kenjiro Karuizawa
    Kenjiro Karuizawa

    After graduating junior high school, Karuizawa worked at a grocery in Toyama. But unable to give up on his dream to become a singer, he started his singing career at the age of 27.
    His main gigs were singing performances at a hot spring hotel in Kinugawa.
    Karuizawa has a 35-year show business career, but his debut single is actually "Rakkasei". (He had been lying to save face.)

  • Trendy Angel Tsukasa Saito
    Trendy Angel Tsukasa Saito

    Saito was born on February 15, 1979, in Yokohama City. One of the 10th class members of NSC Tokyo School, he formed the comedy duo Trendy Angel in 2004.
    After winning as runner-up of the 14th THE MANZAI contest, the duo later became the 11th champion of the 2015 M-1 Grand Prix, the comedy contest revived after 5 years to determine Japan's greatest manzai performance.
    His range of work is expanding to TV and stage performances.

  • 八公太郎
    Kotaro Hachi

    Needless to say, Kotaro Hachi is the leading authority of Edokko (Tokyoite) Enka music.
    His unique intonation and love for the Sumida River is still going strong.
    With even number-related names, the numerous, legendary stories of the Chieko and Hachi pair are still told today.
    Hachi's grumbling is how there's no one to succeed his ladder enka which he performs in his signature song "Hikeshi to teleco wa Edo no hana".
    Full of life, a festival can't be complete without this man!

  • Takeshi Kura
    Takeshi Kura

    The young master of the enka tremolo, Takeshi Kura is the only enka singer to hold the Guinness Record for the greatest number of single releases.
    Among those, 1978 was the famed year for "weekly releases" of songs, which even Kura himself regrets due to the unbelievably hectic schedule it forced him into. But this feat became a catalyst to bolster the enka genre.
    Recently acquiring a dog trainer license as well, Kura is energetically expanding his range of work even more.

  • Kenichiro Mikawa
    Kenichiro Mikawa

    With his work mainly focused in Okinawa, Kenichiro Mikawa is an impressionist of Kenichi Mikawa.
    The kanji character for "Mi" in his name was chosen from the word "Miryoku (charm)" with the wish to always be one with appeal and charm.
    In Okinawa, he appears on the "Okinawa BON"program, broadcast every Saturday from noon. His regular section is "Kenichiro Mikawa ga ojyama suruwayo".

  • Enjiu

    Deborah Enjiu is a Japanese-Brazilian singer who captures the attention of those who see her with her amazing presence.
    In addition to her amazing singing ability that can cover any type of music, Enjiu is uniquely talented in dance and having thorough knowledge of traditional Japanese musical instruments.
    Also, her incredibly well-proportioned figure holds the potential for modelling as well. Deborah Enjiu is the one to create a new entertainment experience!