All Ending

“All the Islands Okinawa Band” to Play Festival Closing Show in Naha

On Sunday 24th April, OIMF will close with a live performance by “All the Islands Okinawa Band,” led by rock group Kariyushi 58. The live show will be part of the “All Ending” event held at Umisora Park in Naha.

The All the Islands Okinawa Band will feature many guest musicians, and play hit songs and famous tunes born in Okinawa, with special arrangements.

Masaru Shimabukuro of Begin is set to join, along with Yukito Ara, Ken Yokoyama of Crazy Ken Band, Kiyosaku of Mongol 800, Hiroki & Ryo of Orange Range, Hiroko Shimabukuro, and many more performers to sing the theme song “Egao no Manma” at the finale of the festival!

Please come and join and share the special moment all together!
All Ending
Schedule: Sun. April 24st 19:00~@Naminoue Umisora Park[Naha]
guests: kariyushi58、Masaru Shimabukuro(BEGIN)、Yukito Ara、Ken Yokoyama(CRAZY KEN BAND)、Kiyosaku(MONGOL800)、HIROKI&RYO(ORANGE RANGE)、Hiroko Shimabukuro、nenes、Kiiyama Showten、Civilian Skunk、jimama、Gushiken Family、Garage Sale、Slim Club、Taiji Nakamura、and more

2015 Clothing All Ending


  • kariyushi58
  • Masaru Shimabukuro
  • Ken Yokoyama
  • Kiyosaku
  • Hiroko Shimabukuro
  • Kiiyama Showten
  • Civilian Skunk
  • nenes
  • jimama
  • Gushiken Family