Official merchandise and free use of characters

We will roll out merchandise consisting mainly of licensed products developed by making use of the connection with local companies, which has been constructed through product development at past Okinawa International Movie Festivals, Okinawa Kagetsu, and Okinawa Hilarious Haunted House.
⇒ In order to further expand the lineup, we will aim to develop fun products in a variety of price ranges and categories.
⇒ By creating other opportunities than at the festival itself where the merchandise related to Okinawa International Movie Festival is placed on shop shelves (for example, in the general-distribution channel), we hope to make the festival widely known among the people of Okinawa.

Going forward, we will keep striving to strengthen the relationship with existing business partners and improve the brand value with the conviction that collaboration with to Okinawa International Movie Festival is an attractive business proposition for you.

Examples of product development and novelties in Okinawa

  • to Okinawa International Movie FestivalT-shirt, towel(BEAMS)

  • Hilarious Haunted House capsule-toy tin badge(Heart Plus)

  • Hilarious Ghost ice cream(Blue Seal)

  • Okinawa Kagetsu Chinsuko(Meiki)

  • Haunted House photo booth, claw game(Amusement Okinawa)

  • Morinaga Yo-go(Okinawa Morinaga Milk Industry)

Free use of characters

At Okinawa International Movie Festival, illustrations of Yoshimoto entertainers are offered free for use within Okinawa prefecture. In the hope of bringing the festival much closer to those who live in Okinawa as well as in order to make them available for use in daily activities at schools, municipalities, shops, and companies in Okinawa prefecture, we offer illustration materials of our entertainers free of charge.
  • Official stickers

    Capsule-toy tin badges (Heart Plus)