Paid Ticket Screenings - Sakurazaka Theater

Target Category:Sakurazaka Film University
Thursday, April 21 – Sunday, April 24
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Sakurazaka Theater Halls A, B and C
All free seating 1,000yen(advance sale/on the day)
Free pass 4,000yen(advance sale/on the day)
  • *All seats free seating.
  • *Pre-school aged children sitting on lap of adults are free.
  • *Age limits apply for admission to some films/events.
  • *Please bring identification as some venues may require the display of identification on the day.
Free passes
  • -All films from the Sakurazaka Film University, screened at the Sakurazaka Theater, can be enjoyed.
  • -Tickets are required for admission to each individual film.Redeem tickets during business hours at the Sakurazaka Theater Ticket Counter on the day of each screening.
  • -When entering each hall, please show free pass and viewing tickets for each individual film.
  • -Please keep your free passes in a safe place as admission will not be possible without your pass.
  • -Please note that in the event of a full house, admission may be refused.

Advance Sales

Start to Sell
From 10AM Sunday, April 10
Ticket Locations
Ticket Yoshimoto
Telephone Bookings:0570-550-100
(24-hour automatic service/Y-code required)
Direct Purchase:Family Mart/Fami-Port

Sakurazaka Theater Ticket Booth


Free passes
Sakurazaka Film University Free Pass
Sakurazaka Theater Hall A
Movie Title
Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof
Youth Banquet powered by SLENDERIE RECORD!!!
There Goes Benio, The Smart Girl
Sakurazaka Theater Hall B
Movie Title
Sakurazaka Theater Hall C
Movie Title
TT3D:Closer to the Edge
Mount Hakkoda

Same Day Tickets

Same day tickets are only available from the Sakurazaka Theater Ticket Booth.
Not available once the tickets have been sold out in advance sale.
Ticket Location
Sakurazaka Theater Ticket Booth
Thursday, April 21: From 5PM
Friday, April 22 – Sunday, April 24: From 10AM
*Not available once the tickets have been sold out in advance sale.
*Advance tickets for following days will also be on sale during business hours.
Ticket Inquiries
Ticket Yoshimoto Booking Inquiries:
0570-550-100(Every Day, 10AM – 7PM)

Paid Screening Tickets - Films screening at Cinemas Q, Cinema Rycom, Mihama 7 Plex, Southern Plex and Cinema Palette

Thursday, April 21 – Sunday, April 24
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Cinemas Q, Cinema Rycom, Mihama 7 Plex, Southern Plex and Cinema Palet
Regular Charges
General 1,700 yen, Students 1,400 yen, Children and Seniors 1,100 yen, Infants 700 yen
Okinawa Historical Movies
General, Seniors 1,000 yen, Students 500 yen

*3D screenings have an additional charge of 200 yen over regular charges.(3D glasses not included)

Ticket Handling

Advance sales available from two days prior to screening for Cinemas Q, Cinema Rycom, Mihama 7 Plex and Southern Plex.
Online Reserved:

  • *Only same day tickets available at Cinema Palette.
  • *1. Students of junior high school age or older must show a student ID card etc. Failure to present a valid student ID will invalidate any discounts.
  • *2. Some films require paid tickets from 2 years of age.
  • *3. Seniors (60 and over) are able to self-declare.
  • *4. Given that these are special presentations, other coupons, invitational tickets or point programs cannot be used.
    Also, please note that other discounts will not be available.
    Please see our official website for screening times and other terms and conditions.
Other Terms and Conditions
  • *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.
  • *Cannot be used in conjunction with any service fees or other coupons.
  • *Please note that tickets will not be refunded after they have been issued.
  • *Some films (special presentations) may incur viewing charges in addition to standard charges.
  • *Please note that if you need to leave the theater, your ticket stub will be inspected upon your return, so please retain your ticket until the end of the film.
  • *Please use one ticket per patron for admission.
Ticket Inquiries
Cinemas Q: 098-951-0011
Cinema Rycom: 098-923-5931
Mihama 7 Plex: 098-936-7600
Southern Plex: 098-835-6600
Cinema Palette: 098-869-4688

Free Screening Tickets

Target Category:Films other than "Sakurazaka Film University" films at the Sakurazaka Theater, and all films screened at the Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu
Thursday, April 21 – Sunday, April 24
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Sakurazaka Theater, Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu

About Free Screening Tickets

Admission is free.However, an admission ticket is required to view films.
Free tickets are distributed on the day of screenings at the screening venues, from one hour prior to the start of the film.
Free Screening Tickets
Distribution Locations
Sakurazaka Theater Movies:
Sakurazaka Theater Ticket Booth
Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu Movies:
Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu Ticket Counter
Distribution Period
Distributed from one hour prior to each screening.
(This may differ in some cases. Such cases will be announced on our official website. Please be sure to check.)
*Tickets for the 10:30AM screening of "Play it Again, Sam" at the Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu on Saturday, April 23 will be distributed from 9:40AM on the day.
Special Deru-cine Screenings
Sunday, April 24
11AM~ Special Deru-cine Screening - Participative shoot
1PM~ Special Deru-cine Screening – Screening of completed Deru-cine film "El Shuriken vs Evil Invention"
Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu
Free tickets will be distributed for each of the above.
Patrons with free tickets for the "Deru-cine participatory shoot" can also be admitted to the "Completed Deru-cine film screening".
Please take care not to lose your ticket stub. If lost, it cannot be re-issued.
Please note that tickets for the “Completed Deru-cine screening” are distributed based on the number of participants, so some tickets may be available immediately prior to the screening.
Please check at the ticket booth on the day.
  • *Ticket distribution will close once all tickets have been claimed.
  • *Ticket distribution locations and times are subject to change.
  • *Up to 2 tickets can be provided at any one time per film per person. However, this may vary depending on the film.
  • *Some screenings are held at the same time at different theaters, so please check the screening theater and start time on your ticket.
  • *Some films and events have age limits.
  • *Personal identification may be required at venues on the day of the screening.
  • *You will be admitted to your seats from one hour prior to the start of performances.
  • *Ticket distribution and admission will conclude 15 minutes following the start of performances.
  • *For some performances, admission may be restricted following the start of the performance.
  • *Leaving and re-entry will be refused after admission.
  • *It is a crime to make "unauthorized video of films" and "recordings". This is strictly prohibited.
  • *Sale or transfer of tickets to third parties for profit is prohibited.
  • *Please see our official website for the running times of each film and other notes.
Ticket Inquiries
Ticket Yoshimoto Booking Inquiries:
0570-550-100(Every Day, 10AM – 7PM)