Year-round Events at 41 Okinawa Municipalities etc.

Year-round Events at 41 Okinawa Municipalities etc.

Even when the "Okinawa International Movie Festival" is not on, a number of events are held year-round to liven up Okinawa. A number of events have been developed together with local people, regardless of genre, including movie, comedy, music and sporting events, to share the attractions of Okinawa with media to every part of the prefecture, and through the rest of the country and overseas.

Comedy/Movie Screening Events

Since Spring 2015, about 100 comedy events and movie screenings at more than 30 locations throughout Okinawa have been held with the cooperation of people in the 41 municipalities, Okinawa Prefecture, and the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau etc.
  • カウントダウンボード
  • カウントダウンボード

March 2: Countdown Board Unveiling Naha Tenbusu Square/Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom

  • Mar:tomigusuku drive-in theater

  • Nov:Ginowan Open School

  • Nov:Nakagusuku Castle Ruin Comic Storytelling Festival

  • Oct:Nago Meio University

  • Oct:Urasoe Gusukumatebi Tug-of-war

  • Aug:Chatan Starlight Screening

  • Jul:Tonaki Water Sports Festival

Announcement Events Outside of the Prefecture/Overseas

The announcement of the Okinawa International Movie Festival and PR for the attractions of Okinawa has been made in other prefectures and overseas.
  • March 8-9:Local Origination Film Screening Shibuya Euro Live

  • Dec:Okinawa New Comedy Tour Tokyo, Osaka, Taiwan, 5 locations in Okinawa

  • Nov:Taipei International Travel Fair

  • Sept: Tokyo Tourism EXPO Japan

  • Jul: Tokyo Regional Film Screening @Shinjuku Alta