Event Report2016.04.23Kids Showcase from Hinton Battle’s Dance Academy and Manzai Lesson at Tenbusu Naha Stage

On Saturday 23rd April, a Kids Showcase from Hinton Battle’s Dance Academy was held at Tenbusu Naha Stage in Naha city, along with a lesson in manzai comedy.

Three-time Tony Award winner Hinton Battle from Broadway taught dance, while comedians from Yoshimoto Okinawa created a comic dialogue with kids, before a show of the results in the evening. It was a special program for the festival to learn, train and then perform a show in front of a live audience. Elementary school kids were all welcome for the free admission event.

A large audience gathered with anticipation for the participant’s performance. 20 elementary school kids participated in the dance lesson of 4 hours by Hinton Battle all performing with the same T-shirts as a common costume. The group danced with synchronicity, impressing the audience. The kid’s parents were especially impressed by the quick developments, and the kids seemed very satisfied with their performance.

At the end of the show, Hinton Battle came up to the stage and encouraged everyone by saying “if anybody wants to be a dancer, please don’t give up, make the dream come true.” And with his words, “I have heard a new entertainment village in Okinawa will open, and I’d like to support it!” the event came to its conclusion.