Event Report2016.04.24The Award Winners of the 8th Okinawa International Movie Festival

8th Okinawa International Movie Festival


Local origination project, JIMOT CM COMPETITON

JIMOT CM COMPETITION FINAL was held the best local commercial representing 47 prefectures of Japan and 41 municipals of Okinawa.

47 Prefecture JIMOT CM Grand Award (Prize of 470,000 yen)

- Ooi Film Comission, Fukui prefecture

41 municiples of Okinawa JIMOT CM Grand Award (Prize of 410,000 yen)

- Motobu Cheering Party, Motobu-cho

Eat & Smile Category

- "The Supreme Sukiyaki", Shimonita-machi, Gunma prefecture

Creators Factory

Starting from the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival, the 4th year of this project has set up the "Creator's Factory U-25 Movie Category" to find and support the development of the next generation of movie makers under 25 years of age, and a "Movie Proposal (Screenplay) Category" for new movie plans.

Creator's Factory U-25 Movie Category From Okinawa to the World Award

- "Sansangogo", Osamu Kuramochi

Creator's Factory Movie Proposal (Screenplay) Category Humanity Award

- "Okaeri-no-aru-bscho" (The Place with Welcome Home), Yudai Tomita