The "Special Invitation" category delivers a unique and richly varied collection of Japanese and foreign epic sagas and highly-discussed works which are awaiting release.
This year, 19 films from a variety of genres will be screened.
From Japan, the lineup will include the film adaptation of the widely popular comic "TERRAFORMARS" directed by Takashi Miike, "Iine! Iine! Iine!" which represents on screen the world view of the popular band "Crazy Ken Band", and "Chambara: The Art of Japanese Swordplay", a documentary which seeks to delve into the allure of "chambara (swordplay)", which is the highlight of Japanese period dramas.
From overseas, works which are attracting attention will gather, including "Zootopia", the latest film by Disney, "MACBETH" marking the 400th year since his death, a Shakespeare masterpiece is revived on the screen, and "CHRONICLE OF A BLOOD MARCHANT" directed by the popular Korean actor Ha Jung-woo.
We hope you will enjoy these films which are especially invited to screen at the Movie Festival.


TV broadcasting stations and Yoshimoto Kogyo have co-produced and released many films.
The effort to create ambitious films which are not bound by existing genres began with the 2nd Okinawa International Movie Festival, and in the past has produced cinematic gems such as the "Miss Kurosawa Film", which won the "Laugh Category Uminchu Prize Grand Prix" and "Special Jury's Prize".
Since co-produced films have been place in their own "TV DIRECTOR'S MOVIE" category, the number of films for screening has increased each year and the category has become ever more popular.
This year's screening will include "Bros. Maxman", which is the second instalment of the "Mr. Maxman" series which was screen last year in the category, "THE KING OF MINAMI" starring Chihara Junior, and "SHOPPING STREET WAR~SUCHICO~ from Yoshimoto Shinkigeki", an action comedy by the popular comedy entertainer Succhi.
Be sure to catch the films in the "TV DIRECTOR'S MOVIE" category, which is creating new waves in the world of cinema.


Established as the platform to award the "Best New Creators", the "Creator's Factory" competition discovers promising and still-hidden talents in all genres that will lead the next generation of visual arts.
In its 4th year now, this year's program has newly established 2 different categories; the "U-25 Video Image Category" and "Project Proposal (Screenplay) Category".
Entries in both categories will go through open screening during the festival and the winners will be elected.
The winners will receive full support from the Okinawa International Movie Festival in planning and production.
The chairperson of the judging committee for both categories is director, Yuji Nakae, noted for such works as "Nabbie's Love" and "Hotel Hibiscus".
The judging committee is made up of experts from wide-ranging fields for each category.
We look forward to seeing this stage be a discovering ground of talented creators that can bring excitement, laughs and touching experiences.


Our films made by us! The aim of the Local Origination Project is to convey the magnificence of our home towns to a broader range of people.
The "Local Origination Project Film supported by Hikari-TV" is an effort toward such purposes as promoting information, daily life, traditions, Industries, products, and tourism information from all the regions, making joint-production movies that could only be produced in a given region, as well as sending out information.
All aspects are joint projects with regional citizens, from plan development to writing of scenarios, casting and production, and then actual joint-production is carried out.


『HIBANA-Spark-』『TEKKEN presents "Campaign for Better Community"』『Deru-Cine "El Shuriken Vs Akuma no Hatsumei"』『All We Want is to Make People Laugh. That's All.』

Okinawa Historical Movie

There have been many films set in Okinawa.
Here is a selection of films that vividly portray the culture, history, customs and scenery of Okinawa.

Comedy of Japan / Comedy of World

This program introduces enduring masterpiece comedy films from both at home and abroad.
This time the selections have been made by Tetsuo Takahira, who is active as both a director and editor.
In the single term "comedy," there is a vast variety of comedies.
We deliver to you variegated "laughter."

Sakurazaka Film University

Notable entertainers are invited to "Sakurazaka Film University" as special lecturers.
Using the Sakurazaka Theater as the venue this year as well, each lecturer will show a movie that they love, where they will then speak passionately about the highlights of the movie afterwards.

Open Air Screen

This year also, the [Cine Screen 400], the world's largest portable outdoor screen that was imported from Switzerland will put in its appearance on the Naminoue Umisora Park special stage.
The screen measures 26.65m wide, 14.76m high.
This has been a huge screen annual event since the 4th holding of the festival.
Please come and enjoy a different movie experience than usual, while wrapped in an overwhelming sense of scale and freedom under the sky full of stars.