Special Invitation

World Premiere Trumpet of the Cliff

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A Japan-Korea collaborative film production, shot on location at Ishigaki Island. The story begins at the sanatorium where the main character, Aoi, who has undergone a heart transplant, meets with Gio, a man playing a trumpet. With the blue seas and rich nature of Ishigaki as the backdrop, the film portrays their beautifully tragic love story. The heroine Aoi is played by up and coming actress, Nanami Sakuraba, and the mysterious young man Gio is played by L. Joe from Korea's popular group, "TEEN TOP".


Nanami Sakuraba, L.Joe(TEENTOP), Nene Ohtsuka, Takuro Tatsumi, Miyu Tachibana, Yuuki Kubota, Shinzo Hotta

Director & Work Data

Director Han Sang Hee
Country Japan/Korea
Year 2016
Copyright ©Trumphet of the Cliff Film Association