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born bone boon


Hitoshi has returned to his hometown of Agunishima to introduce his wife, Yuko, to the family. But, Yuko is furious when she’s told the reason for the trip home. The true purpose was for the “senkotsu” ceremony - Agunishima’s continuing custom of cleansing the bones of the dead. This is a heartwarming comedy of a disconnected family discovering their true selves through the ceremony of cleansing bones. While dealing with the serious subject of Agunishima’s still remaining “senkotsu” custom, the film is an inspiring piece by director Gori, who shows his best in creating a comedy that brings laughs and tears.


Gori(Garage Sale), Hitomi Sato, Tomoji Yamashiro, Misako Koja, Azusa Gushiken, Masami Iha, Kanako Fukuda, Kenta-kun

Director & Work Data

Director Gori(Garage Sale)
Country Japan
Year 2016