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"We just formed a band." This human drama of the adolescent years portrays the friendship between Dai-chan, the "Minatogawan clone" of the peoples from 22,000 years ago born from the accumulation of leading modern science, and his junior high friends. Shingo, Peko, Seijun and Heeto are junior high school students living in Yaese-cho. They have a unique looking, Paleolithic friend. Always together, the five have recently awakened to music and formed a band. While practicing extra hard for their chance to play at a festival, an evil conspiracy lurks is about to tear them apart. Their friendship to "never walk away from each other" is about to be tested. Will Dai-chan and his friends get to perform at the festival?


Daisuke Moromizato, Tomonoshin Iha, Seito Higa, Akito Kinjo, Hiroyasu Satoyama, Kiyoshi Omine, Yuki Tamanaha, Shingo Maekawa (guest appearance)

Director & Work Data

Director Takayuki Nakama
Country Japan
Year 2016
Copyright ©MINATOGAWA People's Production Partnership