Special Invitation

World Premiere The Man Who Changed Okinawa


Transferring to Ryukyu Fisheries High School, teacher Hiroyoshi Sai(Gori) is assigned manager of the school's baseball team that was on the verge of being abolished. Looking across the dilapidated baseball field, his sights are only focused on winning the National High School Baseball Championship at Koshien. Beginning with thorough ground maintenance, Sai puts the team members through relentless training. As students are grilled through his harsh training methods, Sai arouses antipathy from not only the team members but the teachers as well. Meanwhile, genius pitcher, Ota(Eiichi Tanaka) joins the Ryukyu Fisheries baseball team. Having endured harsh training, the team members begin to think that winning the Championship may not be a faraway dream. Going up against their rival school, Shuri Gakuen, Ota's injury, a revolt by team members... Overcoming numerous difficulties, Sai and the baseball team members ultimately become the ray of hope of Okinawa.


Gori(Garage Sale), Eiichi Tanaka, Tomoji Yamashiro, Ai Kawamitsu, Benbee, Susumu Niimoto, Kengo Higa, Hiroki Kawata

Director & Work Data

Director Tsukasa Kishimoto
Country Japan
Year 2016