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Community-based Movies supported by Hikari TV
Our movies by us!

“Community-based Movies” are films that put the charms of each region of Japan on display. They reference the lifestyles, legends and geographical uniqueness of each area, while introducing local industries, their produce and tourist attractions.
The film festival will showcase work from 10 districts in Japan as well as 4 films from Aguni village, Yaese Town, Ie village and Naha city.

1. We’re announcing the brand new “Hikari TV Encouragement Prize” along with the creation of an original 4K movie.
The new Hikari TV Prize has been created to support local projects and stimulate interest in regional areas. And Hikari TV will create an original 4K short movie together with the winning region. The theme will be “regional revitalization.”
The prizewinner will be announced on Sunday 24th April on the OIMF official website. And the new movie will be shown on the Hikari TV channel.

2. We’ll broadcast the previous Community–based Movies!

10 works (HD quality) from the Community-based Movies project that showed at OIMF will be shown on TV (*1) and Video service (VOD*2) from Sunday April 24th by Hikari TV.

Here’s a list of the works:

“Somewhere In My Memory”
“Tunnel Rendezvous”
“Light My Fire”
“U•F•O ~Ushimado’s Fantastic Occurrence~”
“Retrospective Love”
“Jessica from Sky”
“Gamagori Never Island”

For more information:

*1 TV service of Hikari TV is provided by I-Cast, Inc.
*2 VOD: Video on Demand.