Special Invitation

World Premiere HOLD MY HAND


The hero, Makoto(Jay Kabira) has a slight learning disability, who in his junior high school days was bullied and made fun of. Sakura(Nanami) also with a similar disability is his best friend and eventually they marry. In an attempt to protect Sakura, Makoto ends up committing a crime. Years later, recalling his promise of the honeymoon he was to have with Sakura, Makoto sets up on a journey to find himself. On this journey he meets Reiko(Sumire). As they travel from Amanohashidate in Kyoto to Ise Shrine, Makoto finds a shadow of Sakura in Reiko. Then in a curious twist of fate, Makoto recalls his life..


Jay Kabira, Sumire, Nanami, Taijyu Okayasu, Atsushi Yoshida, Katsuya, LiLiCo, Tomoko Fujita, Testuya Bessho, Masahiro Nakai(cameo appearance), Itsuji Itao

Director & Work Data

Director Yoko Narahashi
Country Japan
Year 2016