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Moving Toward the Same Goal

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Snowmelt flows from the "One sky for many villages" Hakusan flows into the Tedori River to enrich the land of Nomi. The rice sways in the mountain breeze from Hakusan, reaching for this one source. Kaori returns home from Tokyo to her home town of Nomi because she wants to eat rice from home. One morning, there is a crack in her normal rice bowl. From that day, when she eats rice something just feels different. Realizing that the cracked bowl is Kutani pottery, Kaori goes to the Kutani Pottery Museum in search of a Kutani bowl.


Miho Toratani, Chie Higashi, Mashi, Toyoshige

Director & Work Data

Director Masaaki Kanamori
Country Japan
Year 2016
Copyright ©Moving Toward the Same Goal Production Committee