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Iejima Special Bulletin: The Disappearance of Tacchu and Chikaratannapa


The Iejima Tacchu has disappeared?! Based on a photo sent in by a viewer, the news crew Miyahira director (Chinenda Shinichiro) and reporter Tomoji Yamashiro (himself) head to Iejima to find out the truth. But on their way aboard the ship, the Tacchu makes a leisurely appearance. "Something always happens where I go." Only following his instinct now, Miyahira keeps researching and learns of the legend of the giant, Chikanratannapa. And during their report, the Tacchu disappears before their eyes. From then, strange things start to happen. The ground rumbling at night, the disappearing Tacchu, the footprint of a giant that actually exists in Iejima. Idiotic and fantastic, the story goes full-throttle to the climax!


Chinendashinichiro, Tomoji Yamashiro, Hatsukoi Cromagnon, Wakako Shimabukuro, Shoko Shinjo, Ryu Tajima, Haruna Yamashiro

Director & Work Data

Director Chinendashinichiro
Country Japan
Year 2016