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The Pure-hearted Horseman


He got his dream job of looking after thoroughbread horses. The work in the stables was harder than he imagined and Arase felt unseasy as it was so far from the pure ranch life he had in his mind.
As Arase got used to his work, he was put in charge of looking after the promising thoroughbread Hidaka Sirius. One day, Eiichi Kagami, the trainer of the racing stables which Hidaka Sirius is to join, came to the ranch. When Kagami checked Hidaka Sirius, he found that the horse had a minor sprain. He did not tell of Arase, but encouraged him to observe the work at his stables.
When Arase toured the stables, he witnessed the absolute care and attention the trainers were giving to the horses. It was as if the trainers were looking after athletes. Kagami explained the close connection between the horses and the town saying 'Though there are all sorts of industries in Hidaka-cho, work horses tilled the fields and thoroughbreads supported the town's economy'. This made Arase rethink about his relationsihp with the horses. He regains his drive for work. He also steels himself to live as a horse man in Hidaka.


Takeshi Yoneshiro(Shuringan), Shige(Suzuran), Yu Nemoto(Golden Loose), Yosuke Ochi(Dainoji), Takayuki Yamamoto(Suzuran), Jumpei(Syrup), Hiroshi(Syrup), Yuki Ando

Director & Work Data

Director Kunio Handa
Country Japan
Year 2016