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World Premiere KAMINCHU Legend of ZAN

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Based on the old Okinawan legend of Zan(mermaid), this is the story of the battle between a young girl(Mina) and two brothers, who became immortal after eating Zan's flesh. Schoolgirl Mina goes with her friend Asuka and a male friend to visit a "Drowning Monument" as a dare, when the male friend dies as a result of a strange phenomenon. Then, after an accident, Asuka is kidnapped from hospital. In an attempt to save Asuka, Mina goes with Yuta(psychic) Haru to visit an old man who knows the mystery of the descendants of Zan, where they learn a terrible truth.


Misato Kawauch, Shinichi Chiba, Lei Jyun Ling, Yoshito Kobayakawa, Masahiro Arakaki, Yayoi Shiroma, Hinami Tamaei, Kazuki Uehara

Director & Work Data

Director Yasunori Matayoshi
Country Japan
Year 2016
Copyright ©Kaminchu' Film Production Committee